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Increasing agent appointments
is our primary objective.

Most advisors agree that it's harder to "Get-In" than any time in history.Prospects are skeptical to meet,and clients are often too busy to accept a meeting without heightened awareness of a new potential need. In today's market, maintaining "top-of-mind" awareness is imperative, not just for clients but for those appointments you didn't close, a referral you didn't schedule or a prospect that needs more time to build emotional safety before saying yes to your appointment request.
People buy from people they like, and non-business touch points elevate you above your product or service. They help the agent out-class the competition and are viewed as more genuine and caring - elements that eventually create emotional safety and likeability. Using likeability generators creates appreciation and increases response percentages to e-storyboards and e-checklists, all leading to increased appointments and sales. Websites, newsletters and
articles are written to educate.

They are valuable for building validation but they don't create responses for appointments. Though they are not lead appointment generators, they do have their place in marketing - mostly to build and maintain a professional reputation. E-Relationship helps agents send e-articles, e-links to their websites, e-announcements and provides the ability to print labels for postal mailings.
How many times have you heard, "I didn't know you did that" or "I knew you were in the insurance business but I didn't know what you did." E-Referral Messages, E-Storyboards, e-Checklists, and e-Invitations are all designed to be "Lead-Pullers." Recipients simply click to request additional information or to say yes to an invitation. The cumulative effect of multiple contacts increases agent positioning for cross selling, new appointments, client loyalty and market preference.
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