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Will I make more sales using e–Relationship?
Yes! We have a training CD featuring an advisor who initially put in 25 names of business–owner acquaintances he had known for 10 years. He sent his first mailing, had 13 requests for information and sold 8 cases. After one year, he had 847 names in his system, mostly by adding 25 to 40 names per month and a list of 300 names from his Chamber. The result? $302,000 First Year Commissions!
What’s the impact of e–Relationship on my clients and friends?
Most of your close friends and fellow members in organizations may know that you’re in the insurance (or financial) business, but they don’t know what you do! Additionally, fellow members of your civic club, church or synagogue don’t know any more about you now than they did five years ago when you first joined. It is no wonder why many advisors don’t deeply work their natural market. It’s awkward to call on friends with whom you have created no distinction. In your first six months of using this tool, you will hear this a dozen times, “I knew you were in the insurance (or financial business), but I never realized what you did until you started sending me those periodic messages.” Even clients will say this! They also don’t know all that you do. Sure, you told them, but memories fade. Some of us can’t remember what we’re looking for after walking into the room to get it. Sound familiar? Do you really think clients remember what you told them? Clients wander off and make purchases elsewhere because someone approached them at the right time. You had such little on–going presence on the “shelf of their mind” that they never considered calling you or checking with you. This tool will keep you positioned and will drop many of those sales into your lap. If you don’t use this tool to build greater presence, what else will you use? Traditional methods don’t get the job done – not anymore!
When will I see results?
Most subscribers will see results with their first financial e–storyboard mailing. They will uncover a sale(s) that they had no idea was waiting for them. However, the BIG results occur over the course of 12 months. Imagine the effect after sending 7 financial e–storyboards, 6 holiday e–cards, 4 mini e–checklists and an annual checklist over the course of 12 months. The cumulative effect is magical.
Why will client “referrals” increase with e–Relationship?
Many advisors are embarrassed to ask for referrals. Why? Because they keep in such little contact with their clients that they innately know they don’t deserve any. They know that they broke their initial promise of keeping in touch and building a personal relationship. E–Relationship keeps your promise. It personalizes the client relationship with e–birthday cards, e–holiday cards and other humanizing touch points throughout the year, all of which keeps YOU on the client’s mind. Clients believe the person they see most frequently in any occupation is the best expert. Your continual connection validates YOU. You will feel confident about asking for referrals and they will be far more willing to participate. Keeping in touch makes a difference. It makes people feel special.
Why is e–Relationship unique?
Staying in consistent touch with relevant content is the “hallmark” to building prospect positioning, maintaining relationships and cross selling. E–Relationship was founded by people who “teach” and still train agents how to be unique, different & likeable. Even our CEO’s book Please, Make Me A Little Bit Famous has over 90 pages of ideas you can do in your local community to look “Remarkable, Relevant and Personally Beneficial.” After you become famous, the question is “how do I stay in touch with relevancy?” Auto e–cards are “likeability generators.” E–storyboards and e–checklists are “appointment generators.” In contrast, traditional postal newsletters may be validation items but aren’t considered unique or compelling by most prospects. So, why is e–Relationship unique? Our focus is on “prospect attraction,” while most other so–called marketing companies focus on newsletters, seminar training or website creation – all intended to “educate,” versus attract. We call these “validation products,” although important, they are not created with the intention to generate leads. Prospects don’t read newsletters and then call to “request more information.” Have you? Of course not! But people do respond to e–storyboards that are written to lead the reader to the conclusion that there is more information that they should consider requesting.
How many email addresses do I need to make an impact?
Some subscribers say that the price of approximately $74.95 per month (slightly more than the cost of a single roll of stamps) is so reasonable that just having their TOP 75 clients in the system more than justifies the cost of $.99 per month for a TOP 75 client. They say the return is tenfold to the cost of the program. Letting the system connect with your clients with e–holiday cards, e–birthday cards and annual e–checklists will alert you to sales opportunities that you will otherwise miss. However, we think everyone should put in 300 – 1000 names, which should require less than four hours of work, (and we can help!)
I am not a computer expert. Can I use e–Relationship?
E–Relationship was developed for the “non–techie” person. It is one of the most powerful, yet easy–to–use tools of its kind available anywhere. It’s so easy that most of our clients don’t even participate in the training sessions. If you do need assistance, you will be speaking with a live trainer who works right here in America!
How often can I send emails to my customers?
You can send emails as many times as you want (no hidden costs)! However, we don’t recommend that you send more than 2 pieces per month to any individual. Additionally, you can turn on the “Set it and Forget it” automatic feature and let the system do all the work for you! Yes, just load your contacts and turn on the automatic emailer modules. The most utilized auto–option sends 7 Storyboards, 5 Checklists, 4 Holiday Cards (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Holiday & Groundhog day), auto Birthday, auto Spouse’s Birthday and auto Wedding Anniversary. You can elect to have the system send the new e–cards each year or you can select the content and change cards for different groups. For example, you may want to select a Hanukah or Christmas Card (instead of the generic Holiday e–card) for your synagogue or church member’s group/category. Now just sit back. The system will complete your auto–sends and the leads will come to you!
When I send an email, how does my customer know it’s coming from me?
Every piece of correspondence includes your name in the “sent from” and closing message. Additionally, your phone number, picture (optional), logo (optional), email, website link and postal information are included.
I don’t want to send the same marketing pieces to my professional contacts and my customer contacts. How does your system handle that?
With e–Relationship all your marketing is specifically designed to focus on market segments. You can run different prospect campaigns to gain their trust; then turn them into customers or cross sell existing clients. We start you off with a few default groups like, client, prospect, over 55, business owner, has minor children but we recommend you create your own categories/groups. Segment your contacts to create your personal business strategy. For example, create a group for your rotary club, church, synagogue, chamber, neighbors, country club, etc. Then send custom and unique campaigns to each group.
What can I expect after I sign up for e–Relationship?
Once you decide to improve your communication strategy with your clients and prospects by subscribing to e–Relationship, within 1 business day you will receive or have access to the following:
  • Your account will be activated
  • You will receive email confirmation with login instructions, training times and access information and some ideas on how to optimize your connection strategy.
  • A New–Member Packet will be mailed containing training times and a FREE packet of creative ideas on how to improve your visibility and increase your appointment ratios.
  • A phone call welcoming you to our program, asking if you have any questions and reminding you of the training hours.
  • Every week or so you will receive another email from us with ideas to increase your visibility.
  • Free assistance with contact imports. It’s easy to import lists yourself, but if you would like to give us your contacts we will import them for you for free.
  • Free live training programs twice a week. The tool is very intuitive and therefore only 21.0% of our subscribers participate in the training, but you are welcome to join us as many times as you or your administrator like.
  • Free tech support is available during business hours.
Monday–Thursday 8:30am–5:30pm ET, Friday 9:00am–2:00pm ET
Can you outline some of the features of e–Relationship?
Sure. Just click on “The Process” Tab, see sample content on our “Samples” Tab and visit our unique “Set it and Forget it” functionality in the “Automated Strategy” Tab.
Are there any hidden costs?
No. Click on the “Price” tab to see the details. In the last 10 years, we have NEVER raised prices of current subscribers either! To be clear, we have enhanced the product with new features and content but have never gone back to ask our old subscribers to pay more. In other words, we have “grandfathered in” the subscribers who have been loyal to us.
I’ve never heard of e–Relationship. Do you have references?
Where have you been? We were so early in the game that we have Patents on email processing! Most of the leading insurance companies in the country have compliance approved their own special version of e–Relationship and so have most of the broker dealers. Go to the success stories page and listen to just of few of our very happy clients. E–Relationship pays for itself in just your first additional sale!
Where Do I Get Email Addresses?
If you are a subscriber, on the site we have posted a 23–minute CD titled, Filling My Prospect Database. It identifies the best places for prospect emails in your community. If you haven’t watched it, do it now. There are only three places from which to get email addresses: organizations, acquaintances and events. The most common organizational source is your local chamber of commerce – but there are lots of organizations we identify in the CD. Another easy source is acquaintances. Start telling (not asking) friends and acquaintances that you want their email addresses so that you can send occasional emails on ideas to help them reduce taxes and increase wealth – areas that you specialize in. No one will tell you no! If you don’t build your email database first, some competitor is going to clean your clock. Make it a habit of getting email addresses. The purpose of connecting is to begin delivering your personal business reputation and personal likeability to your local market. If you don’t use electronic communication, what else will you use that can frequently and consistently deliver YOU to your market? Most agents hope to get a referral every week or hope to meet a new potential prospect. Hope is not a very good survival or prospecting strategy. Life is so much easier when you are consistently building a reputation with defined prospects that decide they want to meet you.
Should I purchase names and email addresses?
No! We have seen numerous people take a short cut to marketing, purchase a list and be disappointed with the response results. Additionally, a purchased list will almost always cause the spam companies to interrupt email delivery due to ghost emails planted into most lists that get harvested off the Internet by list brokers. When ghost emails are mailed, the major email companies assume that you are a spammer (which affects our entire subscriber mailing system). If that happens, we have no recourse but to shut your subscription down. Your objective should not be to spam strangers, but rather to become A Little Bit Famous in YOUR local community. You must decide where the prospects are in your local community whom you want to influence and then connect with them visibly and in personally meaningful ways. If nothing else, join the Chamber of Commerce. Not only will you find a lot of prospects that match your client profile, but when mailing, you should use a subject line that matches your audience, like Fellow Chamber Member Info. Audience defined subject lines will cause your emails to have higher open rates. Buying names is expensive, is almost always a waste of money, creates very little response and will jeopardize your continued subscription to e–Relationship!
Should I wait to get email addresses before purchasing e–Relationship?
When you go grocery shopping, you don’t walk around putting items in your arms until you need a cart to place them into. Your commitment to getting groceries is strong enough that you probably get the cart first and begin filling it immediately. That is how your commitment should be to building your address book with both client and prospect email addresses. This system is approximately $60 per month. The cost is close to a single roll of stamps and less than your monthly Cable TV bill. We require no annual contract. If you can’t fill your system with significant names within 30 days, it’s because you chose not to spend even 2 hours on the process. Plus, we make it easy. Remember– you can quickly add or import your contacts and we have a great feature to allow you to make phone calls to quickly populate the field!
How do I get recipients to open my emails?
Your personal recognition to your audience and your subject line are the two biggest influences on getting recipients to open your emails. Most people open the e–Birthday Card. Why? Because no one ever received a bad birthday card, plus the recipient notices their personal connection to the subject line, Your Birthday Card. Likewise, when recipients recognize your name on the from line, or recognize the commonality of the subject line, they open the mailing. For instance, if you are highly recognized in the homebuilder’s association because you serve on the membership committee and have a published article in their quarterly newsletter, you are going to have lots of emails opened because they recognize you. If your subject line reads, Fellow Boston Homebuilder’s Association Member – Important Info, most members will open the email because they recognize the commonality. Subject line examples that will hinder open rates are Financial Information, Monthly Newsletter, New Product, etc.
What about sending an e–Newsletter?
Don’t confuse sending quarterly print newsletters, magazines, annual reports or even our e–newsletter with attraction marketing. Newsletters validate to your client that you are still around and on–top of your game and that has value, but they create no market separation as compared to the competition. Sending a newsletter to a prospect, versus a client, is a different issue. They are normally not welcomed and they rarely, if ever, create raise–your–hand responses for more information. When’s the last time you contacted someone for more information in a newsletter? In comparison, financial e–storyboards are shorter and will create a consistent 2 – 6 percent response. Why the difference? Newsletters are written to educate; financial e–storyboards are written to accentuate a problem and solicit responses. Maintaining a consistent familiarization to prospects within your market is critical, but newsletters are not the answer.
Should my firm send emails with the firm’s name displayed?
No! When a recipient sees a company, producer group or agency name on the “from line,” they will delete the message. Your responses will plummet by 90%. If you got a birthday card from AAA, you wouldn’t even open it. It would be regarded as institutional, not personal. The objective is to make the ADVISOR a Little Bit Famous! Accomplishing that will reflect on the reputation of the firm.
What’s the biggest TIP that is often overlooked in e–Relationship?
The E–Photo Album is the single biggest impact on creating presence in your market. Many subscribers use it religiously for trade shows, golf tournaments, church picnics, church valentine day dinners, child ID days, Habitat building projects, association get–togethers, vintage car shows, youth sports (send pictures to parents). One subscriber phoned to tell how they took pictures of 300 men in high–heels walking half a mile for a cancer fundraiser through the middle of town. Do you think those recipients opened their email to view their own picture? This is the most creative module in e–Relationship. Have fun with it! It will create more goodwill and more new clients than you can imagine. Remember, our e–photo album has no advertisements about us or anyone else! It’s all about you – not some “market” banner you didn’t approve or “powered by” product self– promotion. Think of other places you could create an e–photo album and then follow up a week later with a financial message accentuating your professional business image: church picnics, vintage car shows, civic club socials, silent auctions, charity wine tastings, Chamber member get–togethers, etc.
How often should I email something?
When you subscribe to e–Relationship, you will receive a strategy chart. Use it! Create a yearly strategy that connects with your database 12 to 19 times per year. HALF of your connections should be non–business related in order to build likeability and trust. That’s why we automated the e–cards. You can easily find an opportunity to use the e–photo album or send an invitation for a client appreciation event. Pick some strategic times, or use our pre–set auto–mailer module, to send six automatic financial e–storyboards and 4 automatic e–Checklists throughout the year and watch your production increase dramatically.
How many of my emails don’t get opened?
Lots of your emails get opened and the front message gets read. However, sometimes the recipient is not going to click on the link, which is what our history tracker measures. Building presence is a cumulative process. You may send something one day and the recipient wouldn’t have clicked on the link if their city mayor would have sent it. They arrived at the office and immediately encountered a serious business problem. They had an argument with their spouse and they were late getting to the office. They had a bad night’s sleep and they are just in a foul mood. However, watch what happens over a period of time, especially after sending an e–Holiday or e–Thanksgiving card. Your link click–on rate on financial e–storyboards will soar. Why? Because people start to conclude that you’re a nice person. You’re safe. People start to warm up when they begin concluding that they know you, like you and trust you.
Does e–Relationship comply with Can Spam 2003?
Yes. E–Relationship adheres to national regulations, which is one supporting reason why major companies utilize this tool. However, to keep Can Spam in perspective, the full name of Can Spam is, Controlling the Assault of Non–Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act. The title should suggest what the target of Can Spam was all about. Our legal advisors tell us that it was not directed to emails that were sent asking if a person wanted information on a financial issue and had no shopping cart for purchasing anything. However, we still comply with all the regulations.
Can people opt–out of mailings?
Yes. Every mailing has an automatic opt–out on every message (including e–birthday cards). You should have less than 3% of recipients opt–out each year. The opt–out people are automatically de–activated and placed into an opt–out category that you can review any time.
Do my emails go into bulk folders or spam filters?
We actively and regularly communicate with major email companies and have become a “white list” service provider. Our emails usually go through since they know we are not a Spam company. We are considered an intimacy connection tool, similar to American Greetings or Hallmark. However, that does not mean that occasional mailings don’t get sent to a bulk folder. As a commercial vendor, every message is reviewed by each ISP company (i.e., Comcast, Roadrunner, etc) before delivery. If certain combinations of words are used, the message can trigger a bulk delivery issue. If you sense that your emails did not get through to your recipients, call us. We will check and see what happened. It may have been an item in your subject line that caused the problem. If you got blocked, we can help solve the problem and advise you on future mailings.
I only have a few names with email addresses in e–Relationship. Should I keep it?
Are you nuts? Quit whining! Get out from behind your desk. Set 2 hours aside and get email addresses from your prospect sources and clients! Delegate the job. Call us to import your contacts with and without email addresses; then go into e–Relationship and go to the page that lists all contacts without emails and “call them” or delegate someone to call on your behalf. Watch the on–site DVD, Filling Your Prospect Database, and use the ideas that are given by many current subscribers! Did you think that the system was going to magically insert email addresses for you? This is not rocket science, but ignoring the issue of filling your database with client and prospect email addresses will eventually prove to be a fatal mistake. If you are going to ignore electronic communication in today’s market, you either need to be a couple of years away from retirement or getting your resume ready. Imagine what would happen to your production if you connected more frequently. Think about the “what ifs” What if I connected with my clients and prospects 8 – 12 times per year? What if I connected with my fellow Rotarians or church members 8 – 12 times per year? What if I sent e–holiday cards more frequently and created deeper likeability and loyalty? For approximately the price of a roll of stamps, start accumulating email addresses and let the system create a dramatic difference in your business! NOW go have fun and realize that you’ve just significantly increased your production.
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  • Please Make ME a Little Bit FAMOUS! All Six Psychological Rules for Prospect Attraction, and the Four Components in the Prospect Attraction Model including 100 pages of ideas to engage your community
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