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E-Relationship.com and Agent-Recruiting.com
Account Cancellation and Suspension Policy

Monthly Subscriptions - Cancellation or suspension of your e-Relationship.com or AgentRecruiting.com account can be made by contacting our customer service department during our normal business hours (Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm and Friday from 9am-2pm EST) at 800-851-8169. The account can only be cancelled or suspended by the account holder and/or the person responsible for paying for the account with their personal credit card. Cancellations and suspensions are only accepted over the phone with a customer service representative and the account holder is responsible for obtaining a cancellation or suspension number from the customer service representative that cancels or suspends the account. Cancellations and suspensions will not be accepted via e-mail, mail, voicemail or fax since the account holder is responsible for obtaining a cancellation or suspension number. The account holder is required to keep their cancellation or suspension number as proof of cancellation or suspension and provide it in case of any billing discrepancies. Once a cancellation or suspension is received we will immediately remove the account holder’s billing information from our next billing cycle. Our billing cycle is the 1st business day of every month, however, members who pay through Paypal will have their own independent billing date. For questions on your billing date you may contact our billing department at 800-851-8169. No refunds will be issued for a partial or unused portion of any month, even in cases when a cancellation or suspension is received after the billing has occurred for the current month. Upon request, we will gladly keep your account active for the remainder of the paid month. In order to be removed from the coming month’s billing cycle, cancellations or suspensions must be received by the last business day of the month.

Yearly Subscriptions - Cancellation or suspension of your e-Relationship.com or AgentRecruting.com account can be accepted at any time during the year by contacting our customer service department and following the producers listed above, however, no refunds will be issued for any unused portion of the year for which the payment was received.

Refunds - Activation fees and monthly/yearly subscription fees are non-refundable. For specific billing questions regarding subscription fees, please contact the billing department at 800-851-8169 with your cancellation or suspension number.

Please note: Users have the option to suspend accounts for up to 60 days, allowing them to rejoin the program with no data lost. Suspended accounts will automatically be cancelled if the account is not reactivated by the account holder within 60 days of the account suspension. After an account has been cancelled, a reactivation fee will be charged to reestablish the account. Additionally, upon re-activation, we are unable to guarantee that the account data will still be available for any previously cancelled account and after 60 days for any suspended account.

Identity Branding also reserves the right to cancel or suspend any account at any time for any reason. Reasons may include, but are not limited to, non-payment, declined or late payment, importing harvested lists, importing lists from organizations to which you are not a member, importing purchased 3rd party lists, or any other violation of the End User License Agreement.

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